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Word Count: up to 700 words

Individual Assignment – Business Immersion Week HR Workshops

Students to listen to the following podcast:

https://employeebenefits.co.uk/podcast-herbert-smith-freehills-ensures-reward-strategy- pandemic-proof/

and then answer the following two questions briefly, using the knowledge from the podcast, the HR Workshops they attended and other relevant sources or own experience:

  •   How has the Pandemic and Industrial Revolution 4.0 changes Rewards and Leadership strategies for companies?
  •   What are the key reward and other HR strategies you would suggest to attract top latent in the post -pandemic era under the light of Industrial Revolution 4.0?
    Assignment Guidelines and Criteria
    Please use evidence from the case study, Business Immersion week HR workshops, as well as evidence from your own research and study.
    Credit will be given for evidence of:
  •   Library/Internet based research. Try to use a mixture of resources – books, articles as well as the internet.
  •   Evidence/analytical frameworks should be provided in tables on top of the main body analysis.
  •   Understanding of the issues raised by the questions.
  •   Concise and clear presentation. Acknowledge any quotes, ideas or arguments that are
    not your own using the Harvard system.
  •   Include a list of references.
  •   Originality and a critical and questioning approach. It is important to be objective and to
    support statements with evidence.
  •   A logical structure and well-argued conclusion.
  •   As well as with per everything else mentioned in the Rubrics.