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1- Using the standard linear function for a straight line, what is the slope coefficient for a line with the defining points of (2,3) (6,12)?

a.    1.875

b.    3.51

c.     2.25

d.    2.55


2)    2- In the regression equation, what does β0 (beta 0) stand for?

a.    The error term

b.    The slope coefficient

c.     The dependent variable

d.    The Y intercept


3)    3- If a given correlation has an R of -.90, the slope is:

a.    Strongly negative

b.    Strongly positive

c.     Moderately negative

d.    Moderately positive


4)    4- Which of the following is/are true about correlations?

a.    R is calculated by (observed covariance)/(maximum possible positive covariance)

b.    A correlation produces a predictive coefficient

c.     An r is figured using Z-scores

d.    Correlation can be done using only the X axis

e.    R is also known as the “coefficient of correlation”


5)    5- Outliers have little or no effect on correlations or regressions.

a.    True

b.    False


6)    6- What is the r-crit for an n of 18, with an alpha of .01, two-tailed?

a.    .590

b.    .875

c.     .468

d.    .558


7)    7- For a regression that has an r-squared of .39, what is the “explained error” of the regression equation?

a.    .39

b.    .48

c.     .61

d.    .624


8)    8- Which of the following are assumptions for linear regressions?

a.    Data elements must be independent

b.    The data must produce a straight line

c.     The distribution of errors must be normal

d.    The data must be ratio or interval


9)    9- Which of the following is NOT a type of regression?

a.    Logistic

b.    Berkeley nonlinear

c.     Stepwise

d.    Stairstep

e.    Polynomial