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Economics | Computer Science homework help

Assignment: The Key Concepts in Economics Due Week 8 and worth 175 points Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you: Identify at least four (4) key points of a relevant economic article from either the Strayer Library or a newspaper. The article must deal with any course concepts covered in Weeks […]

Assignment 1: lasa 2: analyzing a social policy

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Analyzing a Social Policy In this course, you have learned that social policies are formulated to solve social problems considered important by a mass of voters, media, and political actors. Social policy is but one solution to the problem—not necessarily the most rational, effective, or socially just. Social policies are human […]

Annotated bibliography/powerpoint/list | English homework help

Annotated Bibliography   Find 3 academic journal articles on the educational system ofFrance.Do not use information gathered on web sites; these must be published academic journal articles. For example, go to Google Scholar you could search French teacher education.   Create a reference page listing the 3 articles in APA format in a Word document. […]

Summary of your personality – due tomorrow

Take the Big 5 Personality Inventory in the attached. Write a 400- to 600-word summary of your personality, as described by the Big 5 Inventory. Discuss the upsides and the downsides of the pattern of the five dimensions or traits of your personality. We know that three of the Big 5—conscientiousness, openness, and extroversion—are closely […]

C programming can someone please tell me what is wrong with these two

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with these two programs, please and thank you   #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { float a[2][2], b[2][2], c[2][2]; int i, j; printf(“Enter elements of 1st matrix\n”); for(i=0; i<2; ++i); for(j=0; j<2; ++j); { printf(“Enter a%d%d: “, i+1, j+1); scanf(“%f”, &a[i][j]); } printf(“Enter elements of 2nd […]

Criminology | Social Science homework help

Please answer any two of the following questions: How is racial profiling an example of the conflict view of crime? How can the principles of restorative justice be used in sentencing? How would you respond to someone who claims that the social roles of men and women have converged and, if anything, women actually have […]

Need this done today | Computer Science homework help

Assignment 1.Google Hangouts (you can have video, audio, text, share your screen, meet with your classmates and schedule a time when it works best for you, you can meet and record the session and stream it to YouTube then send me the link.  LinkedIn, Diigo is another option for Social Bookmarking (you could use this […]

Summary on children of addicts

Throughout this course, you will be designing a Counseling Group from start to finish. The assignment will be broken into three parts, which are due at different intervals in the course. For the three part assignment, choose from the following group types (If you are in the addiction counseling program, select an addiction group): Children […]

Data retrieval and system commands

Building on your previous work, it is time to start showing how Perl can be used to manage the servers. The chief information officer (CIO) is excited about your work so far and wants to see more. Pick 3 system commands and provide the following: A brief description of the command and why you might […]