China’s new women’s protection law (focus on eliminate gender

Policy analysis

China’s New Women’s Protection Law (focus on Eliminate gender discrimination in the hiring process)

Write 1800+ words

Part 1: Choose a policy to analyze.

Stage I – Describe the policy in detail.
Stage II – Identify the problem and review some of the literature; how is the problem framed
Stage III – Policy history, description, context [region],
Stage IV – Policy analysis using an intersectional policy framework approach. Identify strengths & weakness

Part 2: Recommendations
· Design policy recommendation(s)
· Outline the design using a feminist, intersectional approach
· What framing are you using of the issue? How does that inform your recommendations?

Analysis should be evidence-based using previous studies, AND theory-based literature,

Should also include some examples of how the policy is designed and implemented in other contexts

Use the precepts that we have studied in class including power relations, privilege, equality, substantive representation especially in decision-making and formation of policy, etc.

For Stage IV, analyzing with the concepts of the attached files