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Before starting this assignment you are strongly urged to read This Week’s Work for Week 5. 


Below are listed four statements, three of which are direct quotations.  The first and last statements contain information taken from web pages.  The second statement is quotation taken from an article in a journal.  The third statement is quoting a sentence in a book.  Each of the statements require an appropriate citation.  To provide complete attribution for the reader there also needs to be a Bibliography section to allow the reader to locate the sources cited.

The information below each sentence will tell you how to locate the original source of the material in the sentence.  When searching for online sources be sure the names you use are correct.  A slight misspelling can take you to the wrong location.  

For this assignment, there is a worksheet in Word available on the Assignments page which contains a copy each of the four sentences below.  You must download to your computer and save the Worksheet document.   Insert the correct in text citation for each sentence using citation style of your choice.  Below the four sentences create a “Bibliography” section using the same style you have selected.

You must save the worksheet document again before you attempt to submit it via the Assignments tool.

This assignment will be due February 21 and will be graded.


1.  The American Mule Racing Association has five sanctioned races in 2015, all of them located in California.  The sanctioned races are to be held in Pleasanton, at the California State Fair, Ferndale, Stockton, and Fresno.

Provide a citation for the above sentence.  Also make the appropriate entry in your bibliography.  To do so you will need to locate the web site of the American Mule Racing Association.  The information is not available on the Home Page of the American Mule Racing Association.  You will need to use your Internet researching skills to find the location of the requested information within the Association’s web site.


 2.  “In 1676, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek – a Dutch draper and amateur naturalist – peered through a microscope of his own design and described a world that would be misunderstood for the next 300 years.”

Provide a citation and a Bibliography entry for the above quotation taken from the September-October 2014 issue of American Scientistin an article written by Robert Dorit.  To do so you will need to locate a copy of the journal.  A paper copy of the journal is available in the UHD library and in nearly all research libraries.  An online copy of the journal can be found using the UHD library databases.  Do not use Google to find the article.  Goggle presents the information in html format, not PDF format.  Html format does not give you the page number information you need to complete the bibliography.

3.  “Our species, Homo sapiens, appeared 200,000 years ago, and pottery dates back to around 25,000 years ago.”

Provide a citation and a bibliography entry for the above quotation.  The sentence was taken from a book titled, The Invention of Science by David Wootton.  You can locate an advertisement for the book on  If you click on the cover of the book in the advertisement the site will allow you read enough of the book to provide access to all the information needed for the citation and the bibliography entry.  Again, do not use Google to find this information.  You will need to cite the page number of the book where the information can be found. 


4.  “Barrister was started by two attorneys in 2001 and found its home in 2004 in a historic 100-year-old building in Spokane’s Davenport Arts District.”

To locate the source of this information you will need to locate the web site for “Barrister Winery”.  Barrister Winery is a small winery located in the town of Spokane, Washington. On the worksheet provide the appropriate citation for the cited information and the bibliography entry.