Comparison of different memory types

you will propose a file server solution for a small business. Provide an introduction which describes a file server and how it might be used for the small business. Create a table that shows a comparison of different memory types. Create a second table that shows a comparison of different CPUs. The paper should have separate sections for a discussion of each of the following:


? Memory

? Bus


? Storage

? Interrupts

? Input/output peripherals

? Monitor

Analyze several of the possible choices for CPU, memory, storage, and input/output peripherals, and then make a recommendation for a specific file server solution. Justify the choices that you recommend.

Include a diagram built in Microsoft® Visio®, Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Word that depicts the chosen CPU architecture.

The proposal should also include two comparison tables: One for CPU comparison and one for memory comparison.


Compose your Assignment in a Word document, including screen shots as appropriate, and save it as and a minimum of 4 pages