Conflicting viewpoints essay part ii wearing uniforms in school

1.3-4 page paper

2. State my position on the topic as was selected for Assignment 1.1: Conflicting viewpoints wearing of school uniform by school going students

3. Identify 3 premises reasons from the website that support my position and explain why i selected these specific reasons.

4. Explain my answers to the “believing” questions about the 3 premises opposing my position from the website.

5. Examine at least 2 types of biases that I likely experienced as I evaluated the premises for and against my position.

6. Discuss the effects of my own enculturation or group identification that may have influenced my biases.

7. Discuss whether or not my thinking about the topic has changed after playing the “Believing Game: even if my position on the issue has stayed the same.

Must have:

I. Introduction

  A. Thesis: Statement of my position on topic

   B. Preview

     1. 3 reasons for my position

      2. 3 “believing” statements that support the opposing view

       3. Discussion of my biases

      4. Effect of my enculturation on the topic

        5. Discussion of how my thinking has changed

II. 1st body paragraph: 3 reasons for position

III. 2nd body parag. Believing statements that support opposing view

IV. 3rd body parag: discussion of my biases

V. 4th body parag: discussion of how my thinking has changed

VI. Conclusion

       A.  Restate thesis

       B. summary of main Idea

       C. concluding statement: So What?