Create a model in powerpoint that visually depicts training and

Create a model in PowerPoint  that visually depicts training and development in terms of how training and development should be integrated within an organization.  You can use Smart Art for the diagrms If you have a newer version of PowerPoint or use Shapes. 


A “model” is an illustration of your theory of training and development—based on your thoughts, experiences, perspective, and opinion. For an example of a training and development model, check out the Learning Transfer model attached as a JPG to this request. Do not copy it, make your own.


So you will create a diagram / illustration how Staff Development should be integrated within an organization, write about the steps with references on the following slide referencing it. Then create a second diagram / illustration how Job Training (Training is different then development), should be integrated within an organization. Again, write about the steps in the Training Diagram below it using peer reviewed APA format references.


Support your design with citations from 3 credible sources in APA format. 12 point times new roman font.


Title Slide, 4 content slides, References Slide = 6 slides total.  Don’t forget to review the example attached, and make sure you understand the difference between Development and Training.


PowerPoint Slides should follow some basic formatting guidelines:

  1. Bulleted text should use the 7 X 5 rule: No more than 7 words per bullet, and no more than 5 bullets per slide.  This ensures the text can be seen from a distance (and keeps presenters from simply reading their slides.)
  2. Simple white background, black font, no animations.