Cultural anthropology | Social Science homework help

Anthropology 101. Each question needs 3-5 sentences answer.

question 2:How has theory in cultural anthropology changed since the late nineteenth century?

question 3: What are two common problems in anthropological fieldwork?

question 4: What is participant observation, when was it “discovered” as a method?

question 5: Why is agriculture less sustainable than foraging?

question 6: What is redistribution as a form of exchange and how does it work?

question 7: What is the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?

question 8: Define the 4 levels of the structure of language starting with phonemes.

question 9: Define the three main systems of kinship discussed in the textbook.

question 10: Discuss the varying role of romantic love in spouse/partner selection.

question 11: What is the main point in the article, “When Brothers Share a Wife?”

question 12: According to Diamond, why is the invention of agriculture a mistake?