Day 2 journal at bethany child development center


Day 2 journal 

I need a journal of my 2nd day at Bethany Child Development located in Miami gardens 

Google Bethany Daycare in Miami Gardens Florida

1- Date of activity, 

2- Introduction  =120 hours community clinical  rotation

1- What did you do?

Play yard. Toileting, Hand washing

Help setting tables for lunch, and mat for naps 

Play with them draw on the paper

Observe their fine and gross motor. Observe their daily routines

Record log, entertained them

2- What did I learned from this activity (Personal Reflection) self evaluation

3-What were the positives about the experience?

4-What were the negatives about the experience? (Long hours)

5-What are the goals and objectives

6–What recommendations can you offer to enhance this learning experiences