Discussion 3.1: figurative language: metaphor and metonymy

Our discussions will help you complete Assignment 3 of your Poetry Portfolio, found on the Unit 3 Portfolio Instructions page. In this discussion you’ll learn to identify a poem’s “figures of speech.” We’re primarily interested in metaphor (comparison), metonymy (substitution), and imagery.

Please read Lucille Clifton’s poem “homage to my hips” on page 838 of your textbook.  Compose a short initial post in which you comment on Clifton’s use of metaphor, metonymy, and imagery.  What pictures spring into your mind’s eye as you read?  What are the most important metaphors in this poem?  What is the poem’s most important example of metonymy?  How did this poem make you feel, and how did it do that?

Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” interpretation of a poem, so you shouldn’t be scared to tell us what you see, experience, and feel.

Be sure to post one original post, and reply to at least two of your classmates.  See Grading and Evaluation: Discussions in the Syllabus for grading information.

I will be monitoring the discussion and providing feedback (and possibly re-direction), so be sure to read through all discussion posts before you post.