Discussion 5 march 2022 | Accounting homework help

Landmark Research

Beginning of the Social Person Theories

As we begin to examine the social person era, we turn our focus to including the ‘people’ aspect into management theories a bit more explicitly.  I’m also going to be giving you a bit less guidance, and just giving you a few theories / topics instead of a lengthy list of topics and authors.  This week’s list include:

  • The Hawthorne Studies (illumination study, relay-assembly test room study, bank-wiring observation room)
  • Human relations and human collaboration
  • Human relations Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Organization Integration (conflict resolution, power and authority, leadership / executives, formal organizational structures)
  • People and Organizations (motivation, job enrichment / enlargement, participatory decision making, macro- and micro- views of people and organizations)

The Hawthorne Studies really started this movement and there is a lot of work that stemmed from those studies. Prepare a one page summary of the article you found and post it to the discussion forum. APA 7TH FORMAT