Eng 221 week 3 complete (technical writing fundamentals) version 3 a+

ENG 221 (Technical Writing Fundamentals = Version 3)


Week 3


Week 3 DQ 1


Based on Weidenhammer’s (2008) article, what guidelines for developing an RFP might you use in yourorganization? What is your greatest challenge in designing documents and specifically, RFPs?


Week 3 DQ 2


For what purpose has your company, or one you are familiar with, created RFPs?  What individual or department creates RFPs in this company?  What is one issue or situation in your workplace that would be appropriate for the creation of an RFP, such as acquiring a new housekeeping contractor, adding appliances to the break room, better parking and so on?



Week 3 Assignment:


Individual Assignment Request for Proposal for Microsoft® Office® Programs Trainer