English.writing about utopia | English homework help

In your response, please show good paragraphing skills in your responses to the following five bullet points. Please write your response in a Word Doc and attach it here. If possible, read and respond to (at least) one classmate in the comments section of their submission.


What is the relationship between the following word pairs:


o   interest, disinterest


o   information, disinformation


o   persuade, dissuade


o   ability, disability


•         What is your understanding of the word “utopia”? After answering that, do a web search and report what you find. Do only a cursory search (i.e., don’t go deep into any websites). Search on images.google.com as well.


•         What is society comprised (made up) of?


•         In your opinion, what characteristics make up the greatest society on earth? You do not have to NAME the society that you are thinking of, but you may if you wish.


•         In groups, design what would be a perfect society. What characteristics would it have? Why would it be preferable to currently existing societies?