Final reflection essay (need this paper completed by 1pm

To close the semester, you will write a 2-page reflection essay in which you examine your experiences and development since the first week of class. This essay prompts you to re-read your previous work and discuss your growth as a writer and reader. You will examine the most memorable highs and lows of the semester—your struggles, your successes, as well as those moments of which you are most proud. 

Preparing for the Essay

To prepare, re-read your previous work and assess your progress over the course of the semester. Reflect back over the semester, and think about the moments that stick out to you. Re-read your mid-term reflection essay and think about your progress since then. Open the syllabus and review the Learning Outcomes listed on the first page. You can find a link to the Syllabus in the Files tab. Compare your progress in these outcomes. 

Writing the Essay

The following generative questions are a good place to start. 

  • What were the most memorable moments in this class? Which assignments were the most challenging? Which were the most rewarding or engaging? Which reading or writing assignments do you think will “stick with” you?
  • How has this this class helped you to achieve the Learning Outcomes listed on the Syllabus? In which areas have you progressed the most? Which areas still need some work?

Drafting Your Essay

After doing some considerable brainstorming and reflective thinking (using the above prompts), you can begin drafting. There is no prescribed structure for this essay. However, you do need to think rhetorically about about your stylistic and organizational choices. This is a two-page essay, so you will need to compose several paragraphs. How those paragraphs are organized and developed is your rhetorical choice. Some options include, but are not limited to, the following organizational strategies:

  • Using an academic structure, with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Using a narrative structure that builds chronologically from beginning to end. Tell the story of the semester.
  • Composing a set of vignettes–3 or more brief episodes or themes that work independently as well as together.  These vignettes could explain or narrate the 3 (or 4 or 5) most memorable/challenging/successful/etc. moments of the semester.

Your assignment needs to be submitted on time. Because of the tight turnaround for submitting final grades to the Registrar, I will not be able to accept late submissions.