Going international | Management homework help

An exciting topic we covered this week is how an organization goes international. As you all know, many of you are working in organizations that may or may not be international or plan to go international. As a manager, you should be prepared to propose going international. Let’s go deeper into that. Answer the below questions, assignment has to be long enough, to read for 5 minutes. Assume that I am your CEO and you are proposing getting your organization international. Remember, you need to make your case and convince me to give you the resources to do it.

  1. Describe your organization. (Note: the name of the organization can stay anonymous.)
    1. Industry
    2. Product/service
    3. Current location
    4. Market considered
  2. Inspect at least two environmental aspects that may impact the business to go international/operate internationally.
    1. Political/legal environment
    2. Economic environment
    3. Cultural environment
    4. Sociodemographic environment
    5. Technological environment
  3. Analyze different types of international organizations. How do you suggest the organization go international? Why is the best option to go international (type of industry, product/service, etc.)?
    1. Global sourcing
    2. Exportation/importation
    3. Licensing
    4. Franchising
    5. Strategic alliance/joint venture
    6. Foreign subsidiary
  4. As a manager, which attitude would you assume in this international initiative? Why is it the best attitude? (Pick one)
    1. Ethnocentric
    2. Polycentric
    3. Geocentric