Learning objective of group assignment: to provide you with practice


prepare a 500words presentation script for this student , the company name is eBay and the eBay attached file is their report which done before.

Write   350words for internal process & 150words for learning /training and development initiatives , just this two section only  , if can do 4-5 pages power point slide for student thx

There is a sample attached file can take as a reference  

Just imagine that you and 3 others from your consultancy firm have been hired as consultants to propose a performance management system to senior management for an organisationthat has been having performance difficulties recently. Your brief is to design a balanced scorecard performance management system incorporating innovation to address performance problems identified in earlier analysis. In designing this performance management system senior management has asked for advice on the role of HRM and how two HRM practices would support the design. Senior management has asked your group to present the proposed design to the ‘board’.

The 20 minute presentation is worth 20% of the mark and should include your problem definition, a balanced scorecard for your organisation incorporating innovation into the 4 perspectives, and your choice of 2 HRM practices explaining how they will address performance problems and improve innovation and performance. Groups will need to provide a summary of their presentation slides for the class (see attached example). A sample powerpoint presentation is attached for SPC Ardmona to help guide students. These slides are not pretty and they have more text on the slides in order to help guide students as to what kinds of information is expected. Slides will need to include citations to support information and a list of references at the end outlining the details of the citations used in the presentation. Please see the Swinburne Harvard Guide for information about how to format referencing correctly. Please note, there are three HRM practices outlined in the sample presentation slides to help guide students for three different HRM practices however groups are only required to choose two HRM practices. Groups can choose presentation software other than powerpoint to support their presentation if they wish. 

Learning objective of group assignment: To provide you with practice and experience in applying the information we have learned about performance management systems, this group assignment asks you to design a balanced scorecard as a performance management system for an organisation that will help foster innovation in the organisation.

Instructions for forming groups: At the start of the unit all students will need to self-select themselves into groups of 4 with other members of your tutorial group.  Groups need to be finalised by the end of week 2 because the group will need to submit a brief problem definition in Week 4. If you do not self-select a group, you will be allocated to a group. If you do not participate in a group you will receive zero (0) for the group component. It is the responsibility of students to establish that they have participated in groupwork. As a mark of respect it is expected that students will attend the presentations of other groups as well as their own.