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  Refer to the Memorandum Template to see how a memorandum should be formatted. The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin to consider the various aspects that are involved in making ethical decisions in a real-life scenario. You will develop this skill set throughout this course and be able to use this as you analyze and make recommendations for your final project.

 Prompt: Your memorandum should include the following critical elements:

 1. Identification of the ethical dilemma(s)

 2. Description of the proper response to the ethical dilemma and explanation of whether your response is a long- or short-term fix to other ethical issues 

3. Explanation of the effects your ethical decisions will have on the culture in your agency 

4. Ethical decisions supported with research (evidence from the textbook as well as at least one outside scholarly source) Refer to the Criminal Justice Library Tips for support in finding and citing outside resources. Guidelines for Submission: Your memorandum need not follow typical APA guidelines and should be single-spaced. Include evidence from the textbook as well as at least one outside scholarly source, which should be cited in APA format at the end of the memorandum. 

You are a police officer in New Orleans. During the flood following Hurricane Katrina, you are ordered to patrol a section of the downtown area to prevent looting. The water is waist high in some places, and sections of blocks are, for the most part, inundated with floodwater. You come upon one shop where the plate glass window has been broken, and about a dozen people are coming out of the shop with clothing in their arms. The stores’ contents will be written off anyway by the owners and covered by insurance. Should that make a difference in your decision? What if the store was in an area of the city that wasn’t flooded and the contents were not ruined? What if the people said they were desperate and didn’t have any clothes because their belongings were under water? What if the items being taken were televisions and other electronic