Need a 3 page paper plus works cited about indian american

I need a 3 page paper plus works cited in mla format about (India) Indian american stereotypes today with examples from  the movie “The Love Guru” starring mike myers. I dont want it to sound too intellectual but i would like to recieve a nice grade on it. Here is the prompt:




“Watch the film The Love Guru and discuss how the Indian American race is portrayed in the


film. Are the


writers relying on a set of racial stereotypes? Are they breaking






from a particular stereotype? Provide specific examples from




the film. Speculate about why these portrayals are significant. If they reinforce






stereotypes, how does that affect individuals in our culture? If




they challenge the stereotype, what is the effect and why does it








MLA format, size 12 font, times new roman, double spaced, works cited