New infection control program powerpoint | HA 415 | Kaplan University

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Describe how a healthcare system consists of organizational units and processes by which a society determines the choices concerning the production, consumption, and distribution of healthcare services.
  • Explain the role of a market-oriented health care system in providing necessary services.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relevance of economic concepts within the healthcare sector.

Course outcomes assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

  • HA415-1: Explain policymaking and legal process that underpin the individual health care and public health systems.
  • GEL-6.06: Apply research to create original insights and/or solve real-world problems.
  • PC-2.2: Formulate innovative solutions for identified initiatives.

It is important to understand the process of how ideas become regulations and rules and how rules and regulations become policy and laws for healthcare facilities. Imagine yourself as a healthcare administrator for a large healthcare facility. You need to create an infection control program and training program for your facility. The spread of diseases and conditions like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection in many healthcare facilities across the country highlights the urgent need for an infection control program and training program to implement your plan.


Create a Powerpoint presentation to explain the new infection control and training program you will implement in your healthcare facility. The plan should include guidelines, information  and procedures for providing optimal infection control practices. The training program should be described and your plan to implement and monitor the success of the program. The program and training should highlight current best practices and demonstrate how the new program will adhere to state and national the rules and regulations in place for healthcare facility infection control. The PowerPoint should be easy to understand and include charts, graphs, pictures and/or animations to visually depict the points you are making in the presentation. You should draft explicit notes on paragraph form to expand on the points you are making on each slide. The slide content and notes sections should be professional, well organized, and logical to support your viewpoints and purpose clearly to your viewer/reader. The presentation should include at least 15 slides. The PowerPoint should include at least three references properly cited using APA and a references section at the end of the presentation.