Organizational structure for innovation | Management homework help

Part 1: Organizational Structure

  1. Research the following organizational structures: Functional, Divisional, Matrix, Lattice, Team-Based, and Network.
  2. Select an organizational structure that will lead to innovation for the failed company – Blockbuster Video
  3. Using the chosen structure, create a graphical representation of the organizational structure to support innovation.

Part 2: Innovation Summary 500-word

In addition summarize the following:  

  1. 1.What type of internal organizational structure is currently implemented within the organization? How did this structure impede innovation?
  2. 2.What alternative internal organizational structure would you choose to implement within the organization? Why is this the better option to promote innovation within the organization?
  3. 3.What external factors (positive or negative) could influence the organization’s ability to innovate? How could you mitigate or promote these factors?
  4. 4.How can you creatively improve your organization? In what ways can innovation be used to encourage the tenets of conscious capitalism and promote synergy?

 Use APA Style Guide