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The topic that has been chosen is adolescent depression. Adolescent depression can be very common. There can be several contributing factors to depression for adolescents. These can include loneliness, crisis, or losses (Jarvis, 2012). Some signs and symptoms of depression are excessively feeling sad, problems sleeping or eating or problems concentrating (Jarvis, 2012). Other signs and symptoms are irritable mood or no interest in usual activities (Edelman, C., Kudzma, E., Mandle, C., 2014).


There are many types of prevention for depression. A Primary method of health prevention that a nurse can provide education to adolescents about depression and being included in health decisions (Edelman, C., et al, 2014). A Secondary method of health prevention that a nurse can utilize is screening and assessing for depression to all adolescents (Edelman, C., et. al, 2014). A Tertiary method of health prevention that a nurse has available is to refer the adolescent to a mental health specialist (Edelman, C., et al, 2014). Many times, adolescents who are going through depression have to refer to the Tertiary method. The adolescents can only feel like they are truly receiving the help that they need/ desire for is through seeking help through health specialists.


There are resources available both within the state and the community. The community resources available are several facilities to be utilized by adolescent patients with depression. There are both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities can be utilized for depression (Psychology Today, n.d.). A State resource available is Depression Treatment Centers in Arizona. There are many centers available depending on the city live in (Psychology Today, n.d.). An intervention that a nurse can offer is teaching coping skills or techniques to reduce stress to the adolescent (Edelman, C., et al, 2014).




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