Professional development plan | Philosophy homework help


1. To guide the assessment of your professional development needs, use your MSW 655 course materials (assignments, discussions, readings) to inform a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) on yourself, identifying your personal and professional attributes as they relate to working with clients and communities.

2. Write a single-page reflection describing the specific actions you plan to take for addressing any potential blind spots uncovered in your self-SWOT. Your mini-paper should follow APA style guidelines and include:

  • Direct linkages between the SWOT analysis results and your intended actions
  • Identification of specific professional development tools and resources (i.e., training programs, CEU courses, steps toward licensure, etc.)
  • Supervision goals (beginning with and extending beyond your field placement)
  • Personal and professional supports to help you succeed (i.e., mentors, colleagues, peers)

 Include your SWOT analysis and one-page mini-paper in the same document