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you have been assigned as the manager on a project to develop a new application system for your business partner. You were given two weeks to develop a project plan and high level cost estimates.

Unfortunately, this is a relatively new technology for the company, and although the technology has been tried and tested elsewhere, there are no previous internal projects you can use to help estimate. Your initial estimate calls for a six-month development effort with a planned staff of 10.

The system takes data feeds from three upstream applications, and sends information back to two of them. You have never worked with these three systems in the past, although one of your developers used to work in the group that supports one of them. An upstream application is one that your own program is not aware of. Essentially it is a program that feeds data to an ETL (extract, transform and load) process which in turn feeds the data to another process. Your app knows about the ETL, but it doesn’t know where the data loader is getting its data from – the upstream program.

Identify the top three risks in this situation. For each risk, document its risk event, impact, probability, impact rating/risk exposure, and mitigation strategy.
Include relevant information–facts and/or opinions–from “expert” sources to support selections. Citations and references must be written in Harvard style of citation. Your paper should be approximately 850-1000 words not counting title page and references.

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