Programming un c++ | Computer Science homework help

 I’m working on a c++ exercise and need a sample draft to help me study.

You are to write a program in C++ that will take the number given on the command line and write it in words. You must have a separate error function and you must have at least one separate function to translate the digits to words. You must store the words for each digit in a vector. If the number in the tens place is one, throw a runtime error. If any of the numbers entered is 0, throw a runtime error. You can assume the number given will not have more than 4 digits.


[lab5]$ ./process 123
Number 123 is written as one hundred twenty three
[lab5]$ ./process 4375
Number 4375 is written as four thousand three hundred seventy five
[lab5]$ ./process 5
Number 5 is written as five
[lab5]$ ./process 14
Oops! Entered a 1 in the tens place
[lab5]$ ./process 440
Oops! Entered a 0 in the number
[lab5]$ ./process 0
Oops! Entered a 0 in the number
[lab5]$ ./process 0141
Oops! Entered a 0 in the number


  • You must write the program using C++ constructs.


  • comments explaining what your program does
  • indent your code so it is readable
  • compiles successfully
  • used a vector to store the words for your number.
  • have at least one function beside main
  • have an error function that will throw a runtime error with a descriptive message
  • pass the input number as a command line argument.
  • throw a runtime error if the second digit of the number is a 1.
  • throw a runtime error if any digit is a zero
  • use cout and cin, not printf and scanf
  • match the example output exactly