Provide at least 3 pieces of constructive feedback for the presenter.


I found a good Informative speech and it  had some information that I found to be interesting. It’s called  Informative Speech on Sleep.  

Informative Speech on Sleep 

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  • What type of speech is this (informative or persuasive)? 

This is an informative speech about Sleep.  

  • What’s the main difference between an informative and persuasive speech? 

The main difference between an informative  and persuasive speech is that one is informing the audience and the  other is persuading the audience. An informative speech needs to inform  the audience on a topic. A Persuasive speech needs to persuade or  convince the audience.  

  • Using some of the evaluation areas listed above, provide at least 3 pieces of constructive feedback for the presenter. 

This  speech was well done with great information and visual aids. I was able  to relate to some points which made it very interesting. 

  • Knew topic well/freedom from notes 

In this area, I think she knew the topic  but not well. In future she needs to study more so she knows the topic  better and this will help her from reading her notes too much. I think a  speech is better if it sounds like the speaker isn’t following a script  word for word. Sometimes this causes breaks or slow reading.  

  • Tone/Energy/Enthusiasm for topic 

I like that she still did her speech even  though she had laryngitis. Her energy and enthusiasm seemed to me to be a  bit robotic. I think if she knew her speech better then maybe she could  relax more and then more energy would come out. Knowing the material  better is key for her next speech.  

  • Dressed appropriately for a formal presentation 

I am diffidently not someone who knows  clothes or style. I think that a zip up hoodie is not professional. When  it comes to an idea for what she should have worn, I wouldn’t know but  following a basic professional dress code is a good idea to follow. If  she wasn’t feeling good then maybe that played a part in her formal  presentation.