Read and 100-300 words paragpraph


Be sure to watch the included video clips, which provide examples of different adaptations of the Snow White story, in addition to reading the text.

Consider the following questions to help you read carefully and critically:

  • Newitz’s article suggests several possible reasons for the recent resurgence of the Snow White tale in popular culture, and the popularity of some of the new adaptations. Do you agree or disagree with her reasoning, and why. If you disagree, consider offering your own reasons. Can you support your point with details from one or more versions of Snow White (either the versions we have examined for class, the versions Newitz mentions in her article, or other versions with which you are familiar)?
  • Newitz discusses the way our society views women and femininity, and how these new versions of the Snow White story may be influenced by or engaging with these views. Recall the claims Betty Friedan’s The Feminist Difference made about women’s social role in the 1950s.  Based on the ideas discussed in the article, how do you think Newitz would say women’s roles — and our societal attitudes about men and women — have changed since the ’50s? How do you think they have changed (or not)?

???? Write a paragraph (100-300 words) responding to one of the questions above. Support your points with specific examples.