Read and follow the instructions. there are two deliverables you must | PSY-7104 v6: Statistics I | Northcentral University


1.Download the assignment template and data file that is attached below. (The assignment template has questions that need to be answered.)

2. Review the steps for this assignment. 

3.Once you have reviewed the steps, complete the problems and questions as presented. 

4.Show your work using your statistical program output. You may show manual/hand calculations only if the SPSS program cannot be accessed. 

5.There are two deliverables you must submit this week:

  • SPSS output file or manual calculations: Submit the SPSS output file in PDF form, or you can scan your work and submit it as a low-resolution graphic.
  • Word document: Submit a Word file answering the questions asked in the assignment. Describe the results in APA style incorporating relevant tables and figures formatted in APA style.

Length: SPSS output or manual calculations and 1 to 2-page Word document