Res 320 week 3 individual experimentation critique

RES 320 Week 3 Individual Experimentation Critique


Resource: University Library




Find a research report that uses experimentation.


Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word critique on that experiment.


Describe the independent and dependent variables used in the study.


Comment on the sampling used to gather subjects, as well as on the reliability and validity of the study.




Only journal articles reporting actual experimentation are appropriate for this assignment—magazine or newspaper articles, opinion pieces, and commentaries are not appropriate. Here are some tips for selecting an appropriate article:




If using the ProQuest database, check the box next to “Scholarly journals, including peer-reviewed.”

Look for an abstract at the beginning of the article.

Make sure the article includes a description of the independent and dependent variables and the sampling plan.



Format your paper according to APA standards.