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Contry: Japan

You are studying a Canadian company, their product(s) and the target country to
which your company will be exporting (japan) . You take on the role of an internal international marketing team whose job is to assess the target country, determine the opportunity, and develop a detailed marketing plan.


4. Market Analysis
Market Segmentation – % of population using product, and/or “ideal customer” for this product or service. Quantify specific markets and segments and evaluate and comment on the attractiveness of each, identifying key “opportunity” markets, and why.

 Advertising and Promotion – Advertising media usually used (by other organizations) to reach your target market, Sales promotions (sampling, coupons, etc.),

Pricing strategy. Evaluate a variety of media and channels (ie. Digital, mass, direct, etc)

 5. Competitor Analysis -Compare and contrast your product and the competition’s product.

 Competition: For all key competitors, provide – Brand name, Awareness, Features, Package, etc. Competitor’s prices, promotion, and advertising methods

 Competitive Positioning: How will you position your product or service in relation to your competitor’s offering? How will you stand out, and what need/want are you meeting?