Social work with groups & comm


Grant Proposal Rubric
Include the following:
• Overview of Project: A brief description of the overall goals of the group.
• Statement Summary: Include goal and statistics regarding population
receiving treatment, aim to inform and persuade regarding whom the
treatment group will benefit.
• Narrative of the program: In a paragraph describe what the purpose and
desired outcomes.
• Describe the constituency to be served, recruitment process, and how they
will benefit from the program: HOWs will this be achieved  
• Program Goals:
o Measurable objectives and activities to accomplish those goals:  
▪ What activities you will perform:
▪ Time Schedule:
▪ How long it will take:
o Timetable for accomplishing goals, measurable objectives and
activities :

The goal of the Adolescents “E.Y.T.H.” program provided at Glades Middle School is to provide activities for mental
issue children that enhance social, emotional, physical and recreational functioning of middle aged children.   
Objectives   Measurable Objectives
After school program Increase the number of children
who participate in the program to
16 kids.
Will provide a minimum of  16 students
with Information & Referral services
over the 12
month grant period.
Program activities
Program will Includes age
appropriate activities such as
sports and recreation activities,
games, homework, tutoring
arts and crafts, and health
education presentations. Children
are at the center for two hours
per week
Will conduct 6 outreach activities each
After program is completed E.Y.T.H staff is required to collect
data about the program that
includes: demographic data about
each student served, the number
and types of services received and
the frequency of the services.
This information is reported to
the County of Miami Dade as
required to determine whether
annual goals and objectives for
the program are met.
will conduct outreach activities
reaching a minimum of 16 students and

• Description of other organizations, if any, who will be participating in the
• Evaluation plan for determining the project’s success
• Dissemination of results from the project:   
• Budget for the Program