Strayer edu 512: diversity in k-12 education week 1


Write a 250-300 response to each DQ question, and format in APA format.





“Characteristics and Goals of Multicultural Education”  Please respond to the following:


Examine how the preferred manner of learning and knowing among women and students of color often influence their experiences in schools as the schools are currently structured.


* Based on the e-Activity, assess the methods in which the type of school reform you researched helps to make the school environment more consistent with the learning and cognitive styles of a diverse learner population


DQ 2


“Culture in Society and in Educational Practices” Please respond to the following:


Suggest the extent to which the values and characteristics that make up the macro culture in the United States are consistent with educational practices in U.S. society. Hypothesize the extent that the values and characteristics in question are ideals that are consistent with realities in U.S. society.


Evaluate the degree to which three to five educational strategies that teachers use result in the essentializing of students according to their culture.