Street art by bansky | Criminal homework help


Do some research about “street” art and community murals.   Here’s an article about “10 Street Artists you Should Know.”   And another article about a muralist/street artist who uses humor in his work

Tell us your thoughts about street art. 

Select one artist mentioned in this week’s online lecture, chapter reading, or this week’s videos to discuss. (Select an artist you haven’t written about before.)  Pick something you are drawn to, and tell us why you find it interesting. Either post a photo or a link to where we can see what you are writing about.  What do you think the artist was trying to communicate with this art?   What’s the most compelling thing about the art to you personally?  

Please do it on artist, Bansky.  Please make sure to pick a piece that he did and focus the paper on it.

Post a minimum of 150 words