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The assignment


Your branch of M-GLOBAL is evaluating new business areas. As an M-GLOBAL computer consultant you have been asked to write a technical research report for M-Global’s upper management. The topic you have been assigned is the wireless sensor network industry. Assume that your readers are gathering information about the topic because they may want to establish a new M-GLOBAL department which will provide consulting to companies and government agencies with wireless sensor network applications.




As stated in out text before starting research have a list of questions that your paper should answer. This gives you guidance in doing the research. Following is a partial list of questions that you will try to answer in your paper. What is a wireless sensor network? What products and services do the leading companies in the industry offer? What are the trends in sakes and employment in the wireless sensor network industry? What software, particularly open source software, is prevalent in the industry? What are some of promising application areas?  Finally, try to formulate one more question whose answer would be valuable to your readers and answer it.