The paper should make clear what is the ai you are referring to; whom


This week is based on different readings, power points, and THE MOVIE SOCIAL DILEMMA. AI, using technology in and related to sport industry can take us into very different directions. I tried to make the information for you as diverse as possible this week. The readings are related to Esport – as a product innovation as well as a creative addition to existing sport related products as service. The presentations relate to utilization of AI in marketing (neuromarketing specifically) as well as in sport journalism and broadcasting. The movie – again please find it anyway you can – a thought provoking approach into the present and future of the relationship between humans and technology (I do not want to say robots). You I am sure can easily find also articles about how robots starting to report and create the news (The Guardian a couple of weeks ago) or even how anchors in some programs have been replaced by robots…..but also if you just refer to health/hospital conditions under the circumstances we live in we hear how robots can be extremely useful for helping out the nurses especially under pandemic or making people with disabilities or elderly taken care of better than humans could do. Our guest lecturer also mentioned how controversial is the use of technology if that mix up with our existing umpire development system….So how should we look at this new reality? How would and should robots and humans live together? And what type of technology can be useful for the sport industry’s (healthy) future?

Please based on the readings, ppts, and /or the movie go ahead and pick one aspect you are more interested in – and write a 3-page APA cited paper on how AI affects, influences, changes one sport of your choice. (or one sport related industry, service).

The paper should make clear what is the AI you are referring to; whom does it affect the most; what type of changes it generates; and whether is there ethical considerations we should be aware of.