Toussaint to tupac | Education homework help


Select an story from the book From Toussaint to Tupac.  Explain how your article contribute to Black Internationalism and also state what you learn that you did not know before reading. Watch Tupac’s video and think about why the authors named the book after him. 


Guiding Questions:

  1. Why do you the authors name the Book from Toussaint to Tupac? Why is Tupac, the rapper and his mother Afeni Sharkur related to Black freedom struggles and revolutionary concepts?
  2. How does the book define a Black Internationalist?
  3. Why did you choose your the story you choose, what was the central thesis, and how did it relate to the Age of Revolution or freedom struggles?
  4. Why was the Haitian Revolution important to Blacks during the American Revolution?
  5. What did you learn from reading your story?