use a digital camera, or even


 use a digital camera, or even your cell phone, to take at least five (5) digital photographs. Download the photos to your computer, and use an EXIF Viewer tool (such as the one that can be downloaded for free here:; or the online version found here: to examine the EXIF data for each picture. Compare the results shown to you by EXIF Viewer with the EXIF data reported by your operating system (e.g., Windows 7, OS X, etc.; right-click each photo and view the properties – may need to choose the “Details” tab). Are there any differences? Which method provided more information? Paste the photos into a Word document followed by a list of each photo’s EXIF data, and explain to your instructor how this EXIF data contained within a digital photograph could be used in an investigation of child pornography. Provide THOROUGH discussion