Week 3 discussion | Literature homework help


Discussion Week 3 

·250 words minimum; 2 scholarly references


Molloy, M. (2020). Experiencing the World’s Religions (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US).

use this link to access thebook:  https://savantlearningsystems.vitalsource.com/books/9781260813746

· What are two or three basic ideas of the philosophy of karma?     

· What are some differences between how Hindus and Buddhists approach karma?

Some Christian theologians and ethicists have said that a karmic religion such as Hinduism cannot be reconciled with a grace-based religion such as Christianity.    In other words, one cannot possibly believe in karma and grace at the same time.      

Stephen T. Davis is one such Christian theologian.          

· How do you see the relationship between karma and grace?

· Do you, personally, believe in karma?    Why or why not?     

If you believe in karma, please share one episode from your life that you think illustrates the reality of karma.