What design and equipment modifications would you make when

 Many modifications need to be made to a bath room to handle bariatric patients, for example special designed showers, and grab bars and hand rails. With bariatric patients it is even more important to make sure that these grab bars and hand rails are secured properly so they won’t pull loose under the weight of a bariatric patient.  What other bathroom modifications would you (any student) recommend?


3.What impact does the emergence of electronic medical records, minimally invasive surgical capabilities, and/or pharmaceutical robotics have on the health care facility planning process? What additional measures must we consider when planning for radiologic or nuclear medicine?

4.Choose a country (either one in discussed in chapter 4 of Shi, 2014) or another. List one positive lesson the US could learn from this country’s health system, and one “negative” lesson.

5.Choose a factor you believe to be a root cause of the high cost of health care in the US. Explain why you believe that this issue is a root cause (and not merely a symptom of a larger problem), and provide one possible way to begin addressing this issue.

6.How do national economic trends, indicators, and challenges apply to health care policy?

7.What are the sources of public health insurance in the US? Compare the

8.Discuss types of private health insurance in the US. How has private insurance been impacted by the Affordable Care Act?