Workplace violence powerpoint | Social Science homework help


PowerPoint Presentation


Within Unit VIII you are going to submit a presentation for a fictional organization regarding workplace security. This presentation will need to be a minimum of 25 slides with at least five scholarly references to support your topic and presentation outline. The point of this presentation is not for you to summarize the information you learn throughout the course, but to integrate your critical thinking and perspective on workplace security and transmit that knowledge to an organization seeking your expertise.


The presentation will be submitted in parts throughout Units II, IV, and VIII (the final product) to provide appropriate feedback and ensure you are on track with your progress. Should you have any questions regarding your topic, please consult your professor.


Unit II Project Topic


For your first submission, you need to create a fictional organization (or a real one) for which you will give a presentation. You should describe the organization in detail, providing necessary information such as the size of the organization, type of organization, where the offices are located, current security in place, and what you will seek to address. You will need to research a minimum of three scholarly references that support your topic. These three references can be used are part of your total references required in your PowerPoint presentation.


The assignment should be a minimum one page in length and should include a title and reference page. The title and reference do not count toward the total page requirement.


Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.


Unit IV Presentation Outline


For your second submission, you will need to submit an outline of your presentation along with a gap analysis of what you seek to accomplish. The gap analysis should include the following:


 Where they are: The organization’s current security and how they handle emergency situations


 Where they should be: Where the organization should be with the level of their security and emergency management


 How you’ll get there: How you will assist the organization in accomplishing their goals.




Your presentation outline should include at least two scholarly references. These two references can be used are part of your total references required in your PowerPoint presentation. The outline should be double spaced with Times New Roman 12 pt. font, and use appropriate APA style writing. While the minimum requirement for your draft should be two pages in length, it should be thorough in your research so your professor (or a colleague) could adequately determine your intended research and the direction you are going with your presentation.